Fact Finding Fairy

The importance of sorting facts from fiction in 2022 is unparalleled. Fiction is continually being published with enough conviction to convince others it is fact – that is why it is so important to understand the damage which can be done on both a small and large scale.

False information is so much more than just a simple lie – often, it is a half-truth, mixed in with exaggerations or mistruths, that lack any contextualisation. Many times we see a fact written in a way that is inflammatory and purposely exaggerated in order to manipulate others.

We want to show you the importance of where you source information and how to separate fact from fiction online. We have a few simple steps to follow which will help you decipher real from fake.

Understand the power of the internet

Develop a critical mindset - this doesn’t mean you need to turn into a full-on pessimist, but it’s important to use critical thinking skills when reading online. Question the credibility of the source, i.e is this a trustworthy news provider? Are you being drawn in by a sensational headline that the article does not reflect? This is known as 'clickbait' - which is the act of drawing traffic to social media and/or websites.

Learn to source

You might find that you’re reading an article and you notice something feels off. It’s very easy to do a small bit of digging. Try to find the references used in the article to back up what they are claiming. However, you should be aware that those who have the intention of spreading misinformation can and do create fake pages and websites in an attempt to trick people. Look out for off-looking URLs and domains, and doctored photos and images.

Try to find other reports of the issue or topic

A quick Google search on the issue or topic will back up what has been said in the article or report you’ve found. If there doesn’t seem to be any credible reporting elsewhere, then it’s likely to be misinformation and time to start sourcing!

Don’t take photos or documents at face value

With the technology available today, it’s as easy to doctor an image as it is to post it online. If something doesn’t feel right, take the time to find the source of the image online. Tools such as Google reverse image search are an easy way of doing so.

Above all else - trust your gut.

If something doesn’t feel right to you, it likely isn’t. Trust your instincts and don't fall prey to the attempts of others to mislead you. The truth is out there, and with a little bit of work you can find it. There is so much importance in the truth, let’s work together to find it!

"False Information Is So Much More Than Just A Simple Lie"